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This blog is designed to educate about my healthy products and to relate and encourage my followers to persue a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. You deserve Only the Best


You are your story! Here is part of mine...

This is a story of a girl...

When diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease, everything I knew about my body and how it functioned had changed! Along with physical symptoms came an onslaught of biological and metabolic ones that left a profound aftermath. Lyme Disease left me with autoimmune issues along with a slew of new allergies to what seemed to be everything.

On my road to rediscovering my new normal, I found not only was I feeling overwhelmed but was looking it as well. Having done all medically, it was time for me to take steps to not only recover, but find a new mission that included health and wellness for myself and those with similar needs.

During this “recovery-rediscovery” time, I was compelled to listen to what my husband, the ever healthy, nutrition obsessed traveling musician had to say! Nick, my husband, had learned long ago, while spending years on the road touring the world with his band Nine Days, how to function optimally, naturally!

After making the proper dietary changes to support my new deficits and allergies, I was still having reoccurring issues. Time to delve deeper! I researched ad nauseam and discovered that it was not just what I was consuming that was affecting me, but what I was using on my body as well! In fact, what goes on your body actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream within 2 minutes, much quicker than what you consume! That discovery was when my new normal became my new passion! No product I tried, with the exclusions I needed, gave me the professional quality results I was searching for. That is when I began my

mission to supply all natural products that can not only support your immune system, but give professional results.

Today we have curated a full line of products that give luxurious, professional results without any harsh chemicals. Only the Best Products are cruelty free, sodium chloride free, sulfate free, soy and gluten free. Best of all, made in the USA with the highest quality control standards. Only the Best Products are safe for all hair and skin types and works on everyone. Why use products with irritants and harsh chemicals when our professional line of affordable, luxurious products gives you Only the Best results?

If you or someone you know needs support in areas of their health I hope you can make this one change to increase your entire well being. It will...make me smile!

Only the Best to you and yours,

Gigi Dimichino

Check out Nick Dimichino’s #1 hit single with Nine Days, Absolutely (Story of a girl)

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