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Hi, I'm Gina Dimichino, CEO of Only the Best Products, Inc., a company that brings you a full line of professional haircare, skincare, and makeup products that are cruelty free, sodium chloride free, sulfate free, soy free, gluten free, and made in the USA with the highest quality control standards. Professional beauty products do not have to contain irritants and harsh chemicals to deliver results. Our mission is to supply professional, all-natural haircare, skincare, and makeup products that yield professional results while protecting against irritants and allergens while actually strengthening the immune system. We believe everyone deserves only the best ingredients.

For over 30 years, I was a dancer. I loved dancing and teaching dance. I was so blessed to live a life where my passion was my profession and more. That all changed after I was diagnosed with chronic, Neurological Lyme Disease in 2011, and everything I knew about my body and how it functioned changed. The biological symptoms profoundly affected my metabolic, hormonal, and immune systems, and left me with a slew of new allergies to what seemed to be everything. I was in constant pain, confused, and overwhelmed. After getting most of my critical symptoms under control, I needed to adapt to my "new normal"--a world where I found a new allergy (to something I was eating, touching, wearing, applying) popping up nearly every day--and a world where I could no longer live my passion through dance.

My husband, Nick, had been touring the world with his band, Nine Days, and had always shared my passion for the arts and physical wellness and strength. With his support, I learned how to function optimally, naturally. After making the proper dietary changes to support my new deficits and allergies, I found myself still having reoccurring issues. Nick and I discovered that it was not just what I was consuming that was affecting me, but what I was putting on my body as well. We were both shocked to discover that what goes on your body actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream within 2 minutes--much quicker than what you put in your body! That discovery was when my new normal became my new passion. 

All of the haircare, skincare and makeup that I tried either irritated my allergies or did not deliver the professional quality results I was looking for. That is when I began my new mission that included health and wellness for myself and others with similar needs--and when Only the Best Products was born. What started as a haircare-only business has now grown into a full line cosmetics company, delivering health, wellness, and hope to people all over the world.

If you or someone you know needs support in health and wellness, I hope you will start by changing what you put on your body to increase your entire well being. Why use something with harsh chemicals? Whether you have allergies or not, you deserve to try Only the Best. It will...make me smile! 

Only the Best to you and yours,

Gigi Dimichino 


Check out Nick Dimichino’s #1 hit single with Nine Days, Absolutely (Story of a girl)

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