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This blog is designed to educate about my healthy products and to relate and encourage my followers to persue a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. You deserve Only the Best


These Days!

In a world of so much uncertainty, we often find ourselves holding on tight to what our core is! Be it our family, friends or faith, this desire to reach down deep into what is important to us is crucial to surviving these difficult days of uncertainty. We were obviously all destined to be alive in such a time as these, but some of us struggle to get through the more difficult daily circumstances surrounding these days, more than others. It is my belief that when one struggles in a society, we all do. Having shared all I could regarding a healthy physical lifestyle, I found myself feeling the need to share my experiences for a healthier spiritual outlook and Only the Best Books was born.

I have always been a seeker of information and throughout my half a century of experiences, have always found answers to what I seek though the lense of my faith in God. The past circumstances of worldwide turbulence, from lockdowns to social and global unrest, I have encountered more and more anxiety riddled people both within and outside my family circle.

In researching my questions to such dilemmas, the only way for me to make progress and growth through them was to call on my core beliefs and write them down. Like journaling, healing through the written word has always been my go to. I find by not just reading, but writing down and taking notes has always helped my revelations take hold in my life.

I have been taught that history is our best teacher. Looking back at the past, my past, paired with the biblical truths I have been blessed to discover, was the driving force to propel me through my circumstance's, in one piece! That being said, I decided to pair my research with my own life experiences and share them publicly with the hope of inspiring others. This began my journey to bring short, topical books to the attention deficient generation we will leave behind us, in faith, that they will too find the peace and hope that passes all understanding.

I pray you all take the time to look at your lives with gratitude in these difficult times and share your experiences, as well, with those you love and care about. This act of bravery will come back to you with joy! You can see my library of published works in our new BOOKS menu tab or on Amazon.

Wishing you Only the Best,


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