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This blog is designed to educate about my healthy products and to relate and encourage my followers to persue a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. You deserve Only the Best


Phases of life!

No matter your current age, we have all gone through ‘phases’ in our lives, be it a habit, a music trend, hobby or otherwise. Never in my lifetime would the term PHASE be as important to me as it is right now. It has been almost 12 weeks since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country hard! One of the constants we have experienced during this time has been the gratitude to our Essential Frontline Workers. We at Only the Best know that without our medical professionals risking their own health and lives we would be in a much worse place. Right now we have seen a greater increase of opening up our country in phases. Our focus has shifted from saving lives to saving businesses. Thankfully we can refocus during this phase, due to the overwhelming care and dedication from our Frontline Health Care workers. Only the Best wants to ensure that their efforts are not forgotten. We have developed a Gift/Donation Box to offer a thank you to our New York Healthcare workers who have gotten us this far. With every purchase of our Essential Self Care Box we will gift one of them with a $30 Only the Best gift certificate to our website for products or Salon & Spa services. Because we want you to boost your immune system, by taking harsh chemicals out of your health & beauty products, we hope you will take advantage of this offer and give yourself and someone who cares Only the Best! Right now we are offering 25% off our entire lines of products. Enter HEALTHY in the promo code at checkout to get your discount.

We pray you and yours good health and hope as we phase back into our lives.


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