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This blog is designed to educate about my healthy products and to relate and encourage my followers to persue a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. You deserve Only the Best


Let the Sun Shine In!

Today is day 56 of shelter in place here on Long Island, NY! Wow, not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that life here would literally be on ”pause” for over a day or two! In fact, having grown up on this Island, you get used to the fact that no matter the circumstance, life here never takes a break! This is not a Caribbean Island, it’s attached by bridges to New York City! The city that doesn’t sleep! Never the less, we are still paused. What else can we do but try to make some mental lemonade out of these Spring lemons. We have spent our entire Spring season stuck at home and even the weather has been miserable here. Lemonade anyone? Ok, here’s some ingredients I’ve put together to help sweeten the sip-

1. Motivation;

Find something you love to do, look at, or make, and spend at least one hour a day doing it! 2. Interaction;

Find a way to interact other then social media. If you are alone, interact with God! Speak your prayers out loud! 3. Get outside;

The benefits of outdoors will heal you. Touch the ground, literally, by weeding, gardening, playing, even just walking on the earth. The sun, even breaking through clouds, is one of our greatest healers. It increases our natural production of vitamin D, which supports our immune system, increases serotonin, which is a natural mood enhancer and supports better brain function.

4. Change one thing;

Make a decision, finally given enough time, to make a behavioral change for the better! It is scientifically proven that change requires habit. This pause has given us the gift of time. Use it to make a healthy change. Get in the habit of doing something, physically or mentally that you have always wanted to do.

I have decided to make lemonade!

If you are looking to make a healthy, immune boosting change in your lifestyle, consider using healthy products. Take time during this “pause” to read the ingredients in what you are currently using and look even deeper at the results. Only the Best Products can help you add luxurious results to your hair and skin using the best nature has to offer.

I’m sharing my lemonade with you! Right now we are offering 25% off our entire website to help you try our 100% all natural, organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free products that are made and manufactured right here in the USA.

Visit and enter HEALTHY in our promo code box at checkout-

Only the Best to you and yours,


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