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This blog is designed to educate about my healthy products and to relate and encourage my followers to persue a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. You deserve Only the Best


Its your time!

This quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald speaks volumes to me and my company. If you are not familiar with the backstory of Only the Best Products, please go to about on our home menu to learn more.

A recap of my story is, after a long battle with chronic neurological Lyme disease, I was left with no choice but to find and create products that my new body chemistry could tolerate. I knew I was not alone in my experiences or intolerances to harsh chemicals in my everyday products, thus Only the Best was born. Once on the road to recovery, I decided to bring these amazing, professional, products to others, to help promote a healthy, immune boosting lifestyle. After a long and successful career as a professional dancer, and just turning 50 years old, this was no easy task! As the company grew, I began to offer more and more products to ensure our standard of all natural, gluten free, cruelty free, organic and vegan requirements would accommodate all aspects of personal care. I am so proud to say we now offer Haircare, Skincare, Bodycare, Makeup and Home Decor products that all fit this bill.

All of our products are made in the USA, with the highest quality control standards. With the introduction of our home decor line, Nest, we have grown into a full lifeslifestyle brand.

I have always loved home decor and feel like it is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. Like our personal care products, I have curated these products from the most special things I surround myself with in my own home. I hope you take a look at our newest lines and know that I will continue to update our brand with Only the Best nature has to offer for you and your loved ones.


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Hi GIGi This is so beautifully written. I’m happy you and Jane have this business together. I wish you both much success. Patti

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