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The Bestie Box

Hello Beautiful Besties!

Here at Only the Best, we have curated a way to express our gratitude to our customers by offering our NEW "Bestie Subscription Boxes." As our little Haircare Company grew, so did our product lines.  We can now offer complete lines of personal care beauty products for just about all of your self care needs.  My mission to educate myself turned into a research/outreach project, sharing my experiences with all of my "Besties." 

We are so thrilled when a new product order comes in, not only for the growth of the company, but for the growth in our customers lives, by attempting to eliminate toxic chemicals from their personal care products.

"When you know better, you do better." With this mantra in mind, I began to grow our brand to supply both my personal needs and concerns brought to us by our customers. If you haven't read some of my blog posts (found on the menu bar on our home page,) I hope you take a moment to do so soon.  These blog posts express some of the insights I discovered while continuing to develop this brand.

Most companies have one bottom line. Profit. Like others, we too need to profit but not in the traditional sense. We at Only the Best feel every sale is a blessing and know that by supplying our products, we are helping change lives and the planet for the better. 

The new Bestie Subscription Boxes are the perfect way to introduce yourself to all of the different products we now offer and to discover why you do not have to compromise professional, quality results while doing so. Our Bestie Boxes are also a discounted way to try something new each month that you will, hopefully, incorporate into your everyday routine.

Our focus has always been to find the safest way to bring these professional results to everyone through our haircare, skincare, vodycare and makeup. You can trust that all of our products are all-natural, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, organic, sulfate free, phosphate free, paraben free and both sourced and manufactured in the USA. 

My father always said "You don't have to know everything, just know the directions to the library!" You may not know where to begin to change your lifestyle to a safer one, but as long as you know where to get Only the Best Products, your daily routine will become safer and healthier! Filled with a minimum of $60 in products/gifts, you can either purchase one of our current monthly boxes or choose our Subscription Service where you can receive a new box monthly and save up to $40 off of the regular retail prices. Plus, you will also enjoy free shippimg on every order. Our gift boxes are a great value and a wonderful way to introduce and indulge in some self care. They are the perfect gift for you, your family and your "Besties." Start your journey today, you deserve Only the Best!

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